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With over a century of experience in grey iron and zero outstanding debt, we do business like we're in it for the long haul. Because we are.

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Every production process has difficulties, but because our experienced sales team works just 147 steps away from the foundry floor, we can act quickly to correct issues before they become larger problems.


That's why we've pulled together this handy checklist. Even if you don't need to move today, this is the key information everyone should always keep current on ALL of your parts and patterns.
FREE PDF: Foundry Change Checklist


"When our foundry went under, they moved heaven and earth to get us up to speed."

"It's been really great working with a highly skilled, family-owned company just like us."

"It seems like a simple thing, but every time I call them on the phone, they answer - and they have an answer for my concern. Every time."


Charlotte is an ISO Certified foundry, we have experience, in pouring gray iron castings that meet ASTM and SAE specifications in Class 25, Class 30 and Class 35. Bring us your ideas; we can help you design, melt and mold them - it's what we do every day!


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